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boat leasing finance marinabluHello and a very warm welcome to our site, which has been designed to provide a variety of a boat financing solutions for a variety of clients, including European boat leasing solutions, boat loans and boat refinance, as well as finance for your berth in Spain. All these boat financing  solutions can be found in the next few pages, so if you are looking to finance a boat, then you have come to the right place!. In simple terms, if it's on the water, we can generally finance it, whether it's a sailing yacht, large sports cruiser, or mega yacht.

Marinablu International Ltd is a UK based company, which specialises in providing a range of financial services to the UK and European marine leisure industry. From traditional marine finance to more unusual European boat finance solutions and berth financing in Spain, we offer a broad range of services to yacht and boat owners, large and small. All our services are provided free of charge so you have nothing to lose in asking us for a quote. As a specialist boat finance company, we have established contacts throughout the UK and Europe with boat dealers, banks and finance houses, and therefore have access to a wide variety of boat loan finance providers. So whether you are looking for a new boat loan, used boat finance, or boat refinance, we should be able to help. 

We have just added our  new marinas overseas property site, which gives details on marinas currently planned and those under construction around the world. From Europe, to the Caribbean,  Far East and Australasia, we will be covering them all for you, both as a possible investment and also as a second home for you and your boat. This will be updated daily as news comes in to us, so please check back regularly or just subscribe using the orange RSS button. We've started by looking at a couple in the Caribbean, and one in Italy, along with a new marina in Spain which is offering a 4 year berth package - something a little different. Over the coming months we will be travelling to some of these locations for an "on the ground" update on progress with pictures and reports which we hope you will find useful in your search for the perfect place to live and enjoy your boat!

We have recently added several new sites covering various aspects of boat and yacht ownership and these are detailed below:

Boat Finance - Italian & French Lease

Boat financing using a lease is a relatively new and innovative way to finance a boat and save VAT at the same time. Yacht lease finance schemes have been available to European boat buyers for many years, but little used by those in the UK or elsewhere. Using this innovative way of financing a boat, can save a considerable amount of VAT whilst providing complete flexibility in private or company ownership of the vessel. We offer both the Italian and French boat leasing schemes. If you would like to see boat finance example, please just follow the link.

The Italian and French schemes differ slightly in their approach in that the Italian boat loan is based on boat size, so the larger your yacht the more VAT you save, whilst the French boat credit scheme is based on yacht class. With Italian yacht leasing you can reduce the VAT to 6%, whilst with the French scheme the minimum is 9.8%.

Marine Finance

Traditional boat loans and marine finance solutions have been around a long time, but we might just surprise you with some very competitive and flexible quotes. We are in touch with all the major boat finance companies both the UK and Europe on a regular basis, so we are always able to provide a quote very quickly, saving you a considerable amount of time in filling in endless forms. The quotes we provide will be just as competitive, if not more so, simply because as a boat finance broker we deal with the lenders regularly and can therefore generally obtain better terms for you, than on a direct basis.

There is no obligation or cost involved so you have nothing to lose in asking! We can also save you a great deal of time, so click here ( boat loan ) and fill in the details, and we'll come back to you very quickly with some outline figures. In the meantime you can spend some time choosing all the extras for your new yacht!!

Berth Finance

If you are planning on using and berthing your boat in Spain, the last thing you want to do is use your capital to buy the berth. Whilst you can rent, berths are an appreciating asset, and therefore make a good investment, as well as being a necessity.

We are the only company in Europe that is able to arrange Spanish bank finance using your berth as the equity, and we work very closely with Genus Marine & Leisure , the largest berth broker in both Spain and Europe. Have a look at what we can offer in financing the purchase of your berth in Spain.

Boat Loan Finance

Whether you are buying a boat, a berth or a house overseas, at some point you will be exposed to foreign currency variations. Please don't use your bank, their rates are awful. Give us a try by ( currency exchange services) following the link here.

Boat Insurance

If you already own a boat, are currently looking to buy a boat for the first time, or perhaps moving up to a larger boat, the issue of insurance will never be far from your mind. Boat ownership exposes you to many of the same risks as car and home ownership, and in some cases even more, since your asset is often left unattended for long periods of time. Every policy will differ in the terms of cover that are provided, and you will need to read the small print carefully in order to ensure that all the risks you want covered, are indeed included. If you would like an insurance quote from us, please click on the link here, boat insurance online quote, which will take you to the relevant page, where you will find a simple form to complete.

In summary, whether you are looking to save VAT on your boat or yacht using a French or Italian lease, retain equity by arranging a boat loan to finance a boat, or buy a berth in Spain using a Spanish bank mortgage, Marinablu has the solution. Indeed we are even able to negotiate favourable terms for bad credit boat finance, so please do give us a try. And finally, remember that whichever boat financing solution you prefer we do not charge, so please go ahead and give us a try.

Marinablu International Ltd is an Introducer Appointed Representative of  Pantaenius UK Ltd who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) boat financing