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boat leasing finance for yachtsBoat leasing is a great way to finance a boat, and yet in the UK and elsewhere, this form of boat finance is little used. Everyone hates paying VAT, and with these straightforward means of marine finance, you can make significant VAT savings, on both new and used boats.

The schemes we offer are recognised marine finance schemes for boats and yachts of all sizes, established by the French, Italian and Maltese governments. They have nothing whatsoever to do with cross border leasing, which we do not recommend to anyone.

The Italian and French leasing finance schemes have been established for many years in Europe, and provide a legitimate and straightforward way to reduce the VAT on your boat purchase.

Boat Finance - Yacht Leasing

If you are using your boat in EU waters, ( yes that includes the UK as we are part of the EU!) then this simple form of yacht leasing finance can save you VAT. The process is very simple. You choose your yacht, boat, or super yacht in the usual way, and negotiate a final price with the boat dealer or manufacturer. This includes all the extras that you would like as part of the overall specification, and the deposit is then paid. The bank then arranges to buy a boat and the balance is financed by them, with the boat then being leased to you for the agreed period at an agreed rate per month ( or quarter ). Reduced rates of VAT are paid on these payments according to the type of boat, its size, and the type of scheme ( Italian or French ). At the end of the leasing contract you have the option to buy the vessel, or simply return her to the bank.  The residual values vary from lender to lender and currently range between 0.1% and 5%.

New Boat Loans - Chartering

If you are a professional chartering company, then boat financing using a lease makes even more sense, as we are able to offer VAT free leasing which can save considerably on costs. However it must be stressed that this is for legitimate chartering companies only, which is normally judged to be those with full time crews.

For the private individual, part time chartering is permitted within the terms of the lease.

New Boat Financing - Italian or French Lease

The two main marine finance leasing schemes we offer are the most popular, namely the French and the Italian. We are looking at the Maltese lease option, but have yet to find a suitable provider with the flexibility we like to offer our clients.  The Italian and French schemes offer slightly different benefits, depending on the size and class of vessel, with the former being based on type and size of vessel, whilst the latter is based on Class. In principle the larger the boat, then the greater the savings in VAT, and for yachts over 24 metres, it is possible to reduce the VAT to 6%.

Please note that the minimum deposit for leasing in excess of 5 years is 30%.

There is no upper limit on the size of boat we are able to finance using a lease, so we are able to arrange boat finance for both mega and super yachts. Many of the banks we use also offer private banking and investment services, and are therefore very comfortable with incorporating leasing into effective and confidential arrangements.

Boat Financing - Key Points
Boat Leasing Finance - Quote Examples
Italian 5 Year Leasing Quote Cost Ex VAT     Vat Total Cost
Pershing 64 2,000,000.00 400,000.00  2,400,000.00
Deposit (40%)    800,000.00 8%       864,000.00
19 Qty Instalments of 76,351.19 1,343,215.36 8%  1,450,672.59
Residual Value 5%    100,000.00 20%      120,000.00
TOTAL COST 5 YEAR LEASE     2,434,672.59

French 3 Year Leasing Quote Cost Ex VAT     Vat Total Cost
M/Y 44 700,000.00 137,200.00 837,200.00
Deposit (20%)    140,000.00 9.8%       153,720.00
11 Qty Instalments of 61,398.04 615,098.81 9.8%  675,378.44
Residual Value 1%    7,000.00 19.6%      1,372.00
TOTAL COST 3 YEAR LEASE     830,470.44

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