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Boat Registration

yacht registration sailing yachtsBoat registration can be a little confusing if you are buying your first boat. As part of the overall service of arranging boat finance and insurance for you, we are also more than happy to manage the entire process of boat registration from start to finish.

As with all our services this is provided free of charge, provided we are arranging a lease or boat loan for you.

Boat Registration Introduction

As an international company, we are more than happy to help you register your yacht anywhere in the world, but many of our clients prefer to have a British Registered Yacht for several reasons. Firstly the Red Ensign has the international recognition, prestige and protection from any British Embassy or Consulate in the world. Secondly and most importantly, all the details of the yacht are recorded at the Port of Registry, and it is a legal requirement that all mortgages and finance of the yacht are registered. This information is publicly available so if you are purchasing a second user yacht, or if you are selling your own boat, the buyer can check that the vessel is financially unencumbered. Yacht registration in other jurisdictions is very similar, and if you have another country in mind, please just let us know when we start to arrange the finance. There are two principle types of registration as detailed below.

Full Registration

This gives you absolute title of ownership. A Certificate of Registry is issued by the Registry of Shipping and Seamen, providing the best possible protection for your investment. Registration is a requirement of most countries and with it your boat can be used as security against a marine mortgage. It is as easy to arrange for used boats, which have not already been registered, as it is for new boats, as long as evidence of ownership can be established for the last five years.

Small Ships Register

We do not recommend that you register your vessel using the small ships register, as security cannot be charged on this register, and it does not prove ownership and therefore cannot be used to confirm title. You will therefore not be able to raise a mortgage or other forms of finance against the vessel.

Boat Registration Explained

The registration process is quite straightforward but can be a little complicated, particularly when dealing with foreign companies, boat brokers and manufacturers, with one in Italy and perhaps another in France. As a multilingual company we can help to smooth the way, so that all you think about is looking forward to enjoying your boat on the water.

First the proposed name for the yacht is cleared with the Port of Registry. It is important to note that the name can ONLY be reserved once the application with full payment has been processed by the Registrar. Up until last year, names could not be pre-checked, but were stated in order of preference, the first available being allocated to the yacht. It is only recently that checking of names has been allowed which can cause problems, particularly if the name is similar in pronunciation to one already registered. We would urge you to have two or three names in reserve should your first choice not be available.

The next stage is for the yacht to have a Tonnage Measurement Survey carried out by a recognised classification society of which there are several – we work with all the following bodies- Bureau Veritas, RINA, YBDSA, and Det Norske Veritas.

Finally, in order to prove title or ownership of the vessel you will need a Builders Certificate in the case of a new yacht, or a notarised Bill of Sale in the case of a pre-owned yacht

Temporary Registration

There is an alternative to full registration, which may be appropriate in certain circumstances where speed is required in order to get the yacht on the water. In these cases, where time is of the essence, a temporary registration may be appropriate. This is valid for three months, but cannot be renewed thereafter, and full registration will need to be applied for as above. However, provided you can show clear title of the yacht, then we can help you apply for the provisional registration. This will allow you to use the yacht legally whilst full registration is applied for in the interim. Please be aware however, that this does not protect the name of the vessel, which may be issued to another vessel in the meantime.

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